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About Us

Vox Populi Polling designs and fields surveys that uncover what is happening within the political and public policy landscape to deliver the results to the public.

Our goal is to understand the issues that are driving the American people and the public political discourse. The Pop Polling team is experienced at all levels of politics, from local to presidential elections. The team brings backgrounds in survey research, communications, advanced analytics, statistics, and political campaign management. Our team is committed to putting that knowledge and experience to work to provide the public with unique and timely insights on the American electorate.

Over the course of successive election cycles, our team has tested and refined a high-quality survey research methodology that limits respondent costs, better reaches difficult demographics, and safeguards the integrity of a representative sample. With Pop Polling, we will bring the knowledge and expertise our pollsters have been delivering to clients for decades to the public.

Our Methodology

Vox Populi Polling conducts surveys for a wide variety of clients for private and public consumption. We provide the most accurate results through a combination of automated landline and mobile surveys.

To reach certain sample demographics and fulfill target quotas, Pop Polling employs a mixed-mode approach to surveys, which includes mobile and traditional landline phone completes. Though the exact proportion of each method changes depending on the target audience, a typical survey includes roughly 20% mobile completes. Mobile interviews help us fulfill quotas for hard to reach demographics. Landline calling is conducted using automated telephone surveys, with benefits including reduced costs, fielding time, and interviewer bias.

Vox Pop Polling employs stratified sampling to achieve an accurate, generalizable representation of opinion. We utilize this technique by dividing the entire population of interest into groups based on important characteristics (age, sex, region, etc.). We use listed sample for our landline interviews as a way to safeguard the integrity of our representative audience. A listed sample typically includes demographic and geographic information that can be employed during the analysis.

In order to identify target audiences, we utilize pre- and post-survey screens for registration status and voter history. These screens significantly improve how reflective the sample is to the actual voting population. Finally, Pop Polling weights survey results based on projected voter demographics. We do not weight on partisan affiliation or identification, helping reduce the risk of any bias during our analysis process.

About Us

Pop Polling is a new approach to a tested science. We will deliver answers as to the issues, candidates and causes that are driving the American electorate.

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Recent Posts

Fans Agree Coaching Changes, Signing DeSean Jackson Were Team’s Best Offseason Moves 

Alexandria, VA – As training camp begins today, Vox Populi Polling found the majority of Washington, DC area residents who list the Redskins as their favorite team have limited hopes for this upcoming season. Specifically, 48 percent believe the team will win 6-9 games, 14 percent believe they will win 4-5 games and 6 percent believe they will win 3 or fewer. However, a little over a quarter of Redskins fans remain optimistic about the 2014 season, with 25 percent believing the Redskins will win 10-15 games and 3 percent believe they will go undefeated this season. Redskins fans also said that firing Mike Shanahan and signing DeSean Jackson were the team’s best offseason moves, along with hiring new Coach Jay Gruden.
“After the heartache of last season, the majority of Redskins fans are lukewarm about the upcoming season,” said Vox Populi Polling spokeswoman Lisa Boothe. “They are, however, happy with the team’s coaching changes and the signing of DeSean Jackson.”
The sample size for the survey is 701 self-declared NFL fans. The margin of error for the full sample is +/- 3.7%.  352 interviewees indicated that the Redskins are their favorite DC area sports team. The margin of error for this subsample is +/- 5.2%. All interviews were completed using automated telephone technology and conducted July 20-21, 2014 by Vox Populi Polling. All respondents live in either Washington, DC, the Commonwealth of Virginia within the Washington DMA, or in one of the following counties in the state of Maryland: Montgomery, Prince George’s, Charles, St. Mary’s, and Calvert. The total percentages for responses may not equal 100% due to rounding.
For more information and to see the survey results, click here.
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Local Fans Don’t Find Redskins Name Offensive, Won’t Purchase New Team Merchandise 

On the eve of the Redskins reporting to training camp, a new Vox Populi poll found that in the Washington, DC area 65 percent of NFL fans reject changing the team name. Among Redskins fans, that number rises to 77 percent. Of the NFL fans polled, 71 percent said the Redskins name is not offensive and 83 of the individuals who identified themselves as Redskins fans do not find it offensive. Further, 56 percent of those polled said that they would not purchase new merchandise if the Redskins were to change their name. 

“It appears that Washington Redskins fans are standing behind owner Dan Snyder’s commitment to keep their team name,” said Vox Populi polling spokeswoman Lisa Boothe. “Despite calls from some to change the Redskins’ namesake, the vast majority of fans do not find the team name offensive. In another sign of support, the majority of Washington, DC fans would not purchase new team merchandise if the Redskins changed their name.”

The Vox Populi survey of 701 self-declared NFL fans was conducted July 20-21. All respondents live in either Washington, DC, the Commonwealth of Virginia within the Washington DMA, or in one of the following counties in the state of Maryland: Montgomery, Prince George’s, Charles, St. Mary’s, and Calvert.

For more information and to see the survey results, click here.

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Vox Populi Poll Finds That Majority of Americans are Tuned in and Blaming Obama’s Policies, Concerned About Costs 

Alexandria, VA – A new national Vox Populi Polling survey found that 86 percent of Americans are paying attention to media reports about the current immigration crisis surrounding the influx of unaccompanied minors from various Central America countries. The survey which was conducted from July 15th to the 16th found that a high number of voters find President Obama’s immigration policies to blame for the crisis. Additionally, Americans are concerned about the costs associated with individuals crossing the border.

Key Findings

·       47 percent of Americans are paying a lot of attention to the current immigration crisis and 39 percent are paying some attention.

·       38 percent of Americans believe we need to completely secure the border, refuse government services to illegal immigrants, and encourage undocumented immigrants to return to their home countries. 

·       In response to a question about President Obama’s $3.7 billion funding request, 53 percent of Americans believe we cannot afford to house and care for individuals who have crossed the border.

·       62 percent of Americans believe our weakness in enforcing immigration laws, our failure to secure the border, and passage of laws like the DREAM Act has encouraged the influx.

·       52 percent of Americans disagree with the statement that unwillingness on the part of Republicans to support President Obama and Congressional Democrats’ comprehensive immigration reform is to blame.

To see the full results and methodology, click here. For crosstabs, click here

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