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Safety Rules When Handling Machinery: The Basics

Working as an automotive mechanic can be a fun, rewarding, and lucrative career. However, it can also be a dangerous job. Mechanics and other workers in the automotive industry gets continuously exposed to harmful chemicals, hazardous equipment, and an overall potentially high-risk working environment. Countries encourage construction workers and automotive repair shop owners to wear personal protective

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A pipe leaking with Freeze damage
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Thawing Frozen Sewer Lines like A Pro

Any property owner knows that a temperature drop will ordinarily lead to a frozen sewer line. When water flowing in your sewer line freezes, it will expand. This water will then block your entire sewer line and at times lead to cracks and leaks as it looks for a point of release with increasing pressure.

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Bright greenish, yellow tennis balls on freshly painted cement court
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Tennis Courts: Understanding the Different Types of Surfaces

Tennis is undergoing an evolution in the courts. Wimbledon, The French Open, US Open, and Australian Open have all changed. The games now feature a more homogenous playing speed, and this has led to longer rallies. Surface specialists no longer lord it over the generalists. Today’s top tennis players are expected to be the top

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– Bill Owens

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