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Consider Electric If You Plan to Buy a New Car After the Lockdown

As the US emerges from lockdown measures, many consumers will still likely avoid public transit. Those who have managed to survive the lockdown with enough savings and stable income may consider buying a new car for better mobility. But the question is: will they go for a gas or electric car? Traditional carmakers will likely

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Classic car

How Deep Is Your Love: Caring for Classic Cars

Classic cars demand a whole lot more love and attention than modern ones. In exchange for their unique design and performance (some were only made for just one year), these cars need to be carefully maintained. If you’re a classic car owner, you need to have the right amount of interest and dedication to keep

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Mistakes to Avoid When Upgrading Your Jeep

Jeep owners pride themselves on taking on the challenge of owning a not-so-regular vehicle on the road. They are not only capable of driving a versatile automobile to take them on daily drives and serious off-road adventures. They can even ride in style and make certain modifications not possible to regular vehicles. If you decide

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Auto for sale in a used car lot

Getting a Good Deal: The Good Thing About Buying Damaged Cars

People who are looking for a new car often limit themselves to the car dealers and showrooms. But that can limit your options, especially if you have a small budget. For the smart car buyer with a limited budget, buying secondhand might be a better choice. For those who want a real bargain, though, you

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family at the airport

A Personal No-Late Policy: Prepping Up for an Early Flight

Early morning flights can be a challenging fight that many travellers have to face. But this may be the only choice, especially if the schedule is the only available flight. You may feel stressed about waking up in the morning and then dragging yourself to the airport in a jiffy. It’s okay to feel this

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buying a new car

Pointers for Keeping Your Car Interior Cool

Nothing is as stressful as driving a car that is almost overheating. It is vital to learn how to keep your vehicle cool during the hot days. The heat in your car can be caused by external factors such as the sun or internal issues such as an overheating engine. Here are pointers for keeping

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Going On A Vacation Amidst A Virus Outbreak

As of February 25, 2020, there have been more than 80,000 reported cases of the COVID-19 disease around the world. At least 2,700 people have died from it. While most cases remain in China, the virus has spread to forty other countries, including the United States. The World Health Organization advises travelers to take extra caution when

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Debunking 3 Airplane Safety Myths

An estimated 70 percent of airline passengers have a fear of flying, according to Australian network SBS. With how much attention aviation-related accidents get, it’s normal for passengers to associate some sort of cynical feeling to flying. Over the years, statistics have proven flying is one of the safest modes of transportation. This list will provide

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road trip

8 Car Upgrades That You Need To Have For Your Next Road Trip

Going on a road trip is one of the best ways to make memories with your family, friends, or significant other. But you know how you can make the experience better? A road trip, no matter how long or short, can always be fun if you’re with the right people. However, packing snacks and choosing

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Three Ways to Improve Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

Many car owners are constantly looking for ways to cut down on their vehicle’s fuel consumption – not only does this save money, it reduces emissions and your carbon footprint. In general, methods of improving your car’s fuel economy fall into these three categories. Fine-tune the machine When it comes to efficient performance, you may

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