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Creating and Managing Workplace Safety and Security

One of the top priorities of an employer should be the safety and security of their employees. Workplace safety aims to eliminate or lessen the risks that your employees are exposed to. This can be implemented through policies, methods, procedures, and techniques that can control and reduce hazards present in the workplace. On a similar

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Shifting the Focus: Better Human Resource Management

One of the most toxic viewpoints a business can have regarding its employees is that they are replaceable. It is possible to train someone to take on a role that another person has vacated. But the cost of training and preparing a new employee far outweighs the costs of keeping a trained employee who already

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How Big Companies are Coming to Small Businesses’ Rescue During the Pandemic

No business sector has been negatively affected by the COVID-19 crisis as much as small businesses or small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). And it’s no surprise; SMEs have much fewer resources, they have greater credit constraints, and not all of them were prepared for the unprecedented nature of this particular crisis. Thankfully, many consumers have been rallying to

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How Companies Can Reduce Utility Cost During a Pandemic

The pandemic has affected all businesses, both big and small. With lockdowns and travel restrictions in place, companies are losing money because people can’t go to work. On top of that, it appears that, surprisingly, energy consumption was not reduced as much as expected. Only a small reduction is felt, but not enough to keep

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For Successful Workplace Coaching, Sculpt Your Raw Material First

Across organizations, you’re bound to find someone, somewhere, who’s being coached for improvement. Maybe it’s an individual who’s been tipped for their potential in executive management. But increasingly, coaching is being applied to other positions, as leaders realize that everybody can contribute to the group’s success. Workplace coaching is a one-on-one collaboration between a coach

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Amazing Business Ideas to Steal in 2021

We may have witnessed a lot of business closures and bankruptcies this year, but 2020 still opened doors for new product and service ideas. Online stores flourished, food delivery services soared, and cleaning and sanitation products became the top necessity for every home and commercial establishment. Suffice to say, 2021 is looking bright for entrepreneurs.

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Hacks to Increase the Growth of Your Printing Business

Owning a printing business is known to be nothing like a walk in the park. Making it successful requires a lot of perseverance, patience, and a good network of trusted suppliers and loyal clients. The printing business is a competitive area where there is an uncountable number of competitions. As years pass by, you’re starting

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Top Technology Business Ideas You Can Consider

Entrepreneurs with a heart for technology are some of the most innovative entrepreneurs out there. They compete among millions of technology brains wanting to hit the heights of the elusive tech industry. The rate of technology’s change gives space to more ideas. The more space there is, the more people can participate. It’s a competition

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The Pandemic Is an Opportunity to Reshape Office Meetings for Good

The unproductive meeting is a staple subject of countless office jokes and memes. Too many employees can relate to the experience of having to sit in on a discussion where their involvement wasn’t needed. And as the minutes tick by, they twiddle their thumbs in frustration, thinking about all the other tasks that need doing.

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Restaurant Safety: 4 Things You Need to Know

It may not seem like it, but restaurants are some of the most cutthroat places out there. The house’s front may seem clean and orderly, but the kitchen tells an entirely different story. Professional kitchens are notoriously aggressive and fast-paced, and if you add open flames and sharp tools to the mix, it could be

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