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Three Suggestions for Looking for Work During Lockdown

We’ve seen the devastating effect lockdowns and quarantines had on people’s physical and mental strength. It also has a damaging effect on people’s livelihoods, as businesses were shuttered and millions of Americans lost their jobs. Some industries, of course, were not affected as much as others. The healthcare industry tops that list. There are still

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Email or Meeting: Here’s How Not to Waste Everybody’s Time

It’s another working day—with hours full of meetings that should’ve been an email. Those meetings aren’t only a waste of time but also affect deep work, causing employees to lose more productive hours. But there are also instances when an email backfires and creates more work with too much back-and-forth. One solution to this misuse

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6 Top Reasons Sign Makers Need Laser Engraving Machines

Using laser machines to create clean, accurate, and beautiful signage is now more common than ever. If your sign-making business is still not using one, here’s what you could be missing out on. As an owner of a sign-making business, adapting to the newest technology is a must if you want to keep up with

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Reasons to Never Trust Ah Longs

At one point in your life, you’re going to need money you don’t have. It could be for a new car, a hospital bill, an emergency roof repair. Needing some financial help happens to the best of us and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We do, however, need to be mindful of how we

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How You Can Spur Innovation in an Uncertain World

While the global impact of COVID-19 has been unprecedented, and the end still isn’t in sight, there’s a reason for everyone to maintain hope. The optimism comes from our human capability to respond and adapt. People minimize risk by getting things done through remote work. When carrying out jobs online is impossible, they learn to

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Why Logos and Graphic Designs Matter to Your Bottomline

If you close your eyes and try to picture in your mind two large golden arches, does it remind you of a global food brand that mainly sells hamburgers? How about imagining a Panda? Do you associate it with an international non-government organization that advocates animal protection and ecological conservation? Seeing a silhouette of an

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Three Things That Can Influence Workplace Safety

No matter your industry, the kind of work environment your company has to offer can affect overall business success. It can affect your deadlines, ability to provide your clients with quality offers, and your ability to make revenue. Aside from this, it can also affect the health and safety of your workers. If you don’t

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Where to Get the Money You Need to Start Your Business?

Who doesn’t fantasize about owning their own business? The thought of not being tied to a desk job and not being answerable to any boss will make you want to start a business stat. If only it’s that easy. Even the smallest of businesses take time and money to get launched. But don’t fret. Plenty

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The Dangers of Poor Business Efficiency

Business owners need to abide by the many rules and regulations. This is while keeping up with the required production processes to keep the business running. They are also expected to maintain efficiency at the same time. But then, all these are easier said than done. Many things can affect the efficiency of a company.

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The New Normal: Building a Work-From-Home Office

We used to spend every weekday working in our offices. But the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed that. Businesses are becoming more open to letting their employees work from home, considering that there is a high demand from the latter to allow it. Many companies are now also looking at hiring their

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