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The Perfect Plants Do Exist!

During colder months, a lot of homeowners come up with several excuses just to skip on their landscaping duties. Whether it’s way too cold, there’s way too much rain or just the overall imperfect conditions that make the task more challenging than it truly is. It’s easy to just go straight to a nursery or

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dental check up

Starting Your Dental Practice: How to Go About It

Having spent years studying dentistry will make you a competent dentist, but it won’t necessarily make you an efficient business owner. If you want your dental practice to be fruitful, you need to know how to be an entrepreneur as well as a dentist. From negotiating with suppliers of dental handpieces and tools to performing

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business meeting

Running a Business Meeting: How to Dress the Part

If you’re scheduled to meet with an important client, make an effort to choose the proper attire for your business meeting. That means no hoodies, flip-flops, jeans, or leather jackets. Instead, wear a suit, a tie, and leather shoes, and don’t forget to bring a handkerchief. Ask the people who are in the business of

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Four Things Made Easy by a Customs Broker

For business owners who are planning to expand their enterprise and market through importing or exporting, it is important to know the significant role that a customs broker will play. Sending shipment abroad is a crucial task, and handling all the requirements for clearance takes a lot of effort and time. For someone without a

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An accountant at work

Business Accounting 101: What is a General Ledger?

Cash flow statements, balance sheets, and income statements are among the most commonly known types of financial statements when it comes to business accounting. Essentially, these statements show a business’ financial health and all of these come from bookkeeping activities. This covers the recording or documenting of daily business transactions. You can find all these

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Work surface and kitchen equipment in commercialkitchen

Foolproof Your Food Facility’s Sanitation Plan

Is your food facility clean and pest-free? Flaws in your sanitation plan could cost you big time. According to Quality Assurance Magazine, there is no ceiling to the dollar cost of stored product damage due to pest infestation. You waste millions of dollars from product recall and now useless product branding and marketing. And you

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amusement park ride

Tech, Nostalgia, Experience: The Future of the Amusement Park Industry

Since the 19th century, Americans have been going to amusement parks for family-friendly entertainment and thrills. Parks then were characterized by roller coasters, Ferris wheels, merry-go-round, and other rides fit for adrenaline junkies. But the changing times have brought technological innovations that dominated people’s attention and lifestyles. Industries have had to adapt and accommodate this

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close shot of meeting room chairs

How to Build a Conducive Meeting Room for Your Company

Meeting rooms are a staple part of every office space. Having the right design can affect the behaviour of employees who use them. It means that having the right set of furniture and layout can have an impact on your business. But how does it work? Several studies have shown how much specific design factors

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