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Can You Make Your Home as Safe as Your Office?

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of preventative healthcare. As shelter-in-place measures and work-from-home setups are implemented across the United States, it has become even more crucial for our homes to become our safe havens in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Keeping Your Home Office Environment Safe and Healthy To help

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Celebs in Quarantine: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Realities

It used to be a funny scene in one-too-many dystopian or apocalyptic movies — the out-of-touch celebrity who wonders why everyone’s panicking in the midst of a pandemic or a zombie apocalypse. This refers to the social media mob that went after record producer David Geffen after he posted a photo of his quarantine life: him

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Fighting the Cold with Portable Space Heaters

Cold days can be cruel, but you can combat them with layered clothes and turning up your home’s heating system. If you have a furnace in your basement, you can control how much heat you want to be distributed across all rooms. It is a solution that many homes employ due to its simplicity. You

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Practical Ideas on Updating Your Outdoor Space

Wouldn’t you like to spend more time in your backyard just relaxing with your family and friends? Spending time outdoors and in nature is one of the most therapeutic things you can do. The right type of outdoor activity will be beneficial to your mental and physical health. The same can be said for your

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Four Ways to Keep the House Safe for People with Asthma

If the household has members who experience asthma attacks, then there is a greater effort to keep the living space clean. While the average person can get by with an unkempt home, a person with asthma needs a cleaner place—less dust, fewer allergens, a smaller amount of dirt. Keeping the home clean keeps asthma triggers

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Cleaning Your Home is Important Now More Than Ever

We all have cleaning habits, and with the sudden events around the globe, everyone’s taking cleaning more seriously. And that’s a good thing! Our house is where we spend most of our time, especially now. Having an untidy house would definitely cause stress and anxiety, which is something everyone should avoid. Whether you clean little

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Make Your Living Room Cozy with These 6 Ideas

One of the best places to chill out is your living room. This space in your house is perfect for people who had a long day working at the office (or at home if you’re a remote worker). If you want to stay super comfortable in your living room, you’ll want to take steps to

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High and Dry: Preventing Floods from Damaging Your Property

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, there are 13 million Americans who live in properties at high risk of flooding. However, that number might not be accurate. An independent study discovered that the true number may be almost 41 million people. Floods caused around $3.75 billion worth of damages to properties last year alone.

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Safety Rules When Handling Machinery: The Basics

Working as an automotive mechanic can be a fun, rewarding, and lucrative career. However, it can also be a dangerous job. Mechanics and other workers in the automotive industry gets continuously exposed to harmful chemicals, hazardous equipment, and an overall potentially high-risk working environment. Countries encourage construction workers and automotive repair shop owners to wear personal protective

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