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Body’s Organized Chaos

Cells at Work!: Looking at the Body’s Organized Chaos

Breathing, like digestion, regulating heart rate, and blinking, are a few of the body’s involuntary functions. We don’t give a second thought to these actions like how the installation of a smart thermostat can automatically adjust the central air conditioning in your Salt Lake City home without prompting. It’s easy to forget the life-saving work they

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Dealing With a Smelly Home: Possible Causes and Solutions

Many things can cause a bad smell in your house. Identifying what is causing it and fixing it right away should be your focus. You can chase away a bad smell with some heavy use of air fresheners and incense, but if you don’t solve the root cause, it will keep coming back.   Here

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air conditioner

5 Common Air Conditioning Problems in the Summer

In Salt Lake City and other places where summers are scorching, proper maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems is a must unless you want to end up having no AC in the middle of a hot summer day. Before the temperature starts to rise, here are the common summer HVAC problems that you need

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buying a house

Buying a House in Your Twenties: Making It Possible

When people think of buying a house, they often think that it is only possible after a long time of saving money. This results in many people buying their first home in their 30s. But if you are a young professional, you have a good chance of being able to buy a house in your

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Three Inherent Limitations of Concrete and How to Address Them

Concrete is a universal material for construction projects, but there are still some significant challenges in its application for various structural needs. Knowing its limitations and weaknesses as a material has led to the following methods of effectively addressing those shortcomings for the widespread application of concrete at many sites around the world. Forming and

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DIY a Garden Shed: A Few Helpful Tips for First-Timers

A garden shed is an easy project that anyone, regardless of experience in woodworking or construction, can do at home. It provides extra storage space for your outdoor tools and other stuff that may be cluttering your garage or attic. Procure Your Building Tools Before you begin, you first must gather all the tools and

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