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Is It Time to Repair or Replace Your Gutters

Gutters are essential yet often overlooked areas of your home. They carry rainwater away from your house to avert flooding, foundation damage, and leaks. They also remove melting snow from your roof to avoid forming ice dams which can significantly affect the integrity of the roof.  Gutters in good working condition can, in fact, help

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heat wave

Heat Waves: What to Do to Keep Yourself in Check

Over the past decades, heat waves have been coming across America in increasing increments across major cities and states. This is reflected in the number of heat waves recorded, with an average of two strikings back in the 1960s to above six incidents this decade. It’s not only the occurrence of these heat waves, but

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Burglar entering to house trough balcony window

7 Ways to Deter Burglars from Entering Your Home

Criminals who commit all manner of offenses want one thing in common: to find the easiest targets and get away quick. That includes burglars. While there’s no way to guarantee that your home won’t be targeted by a burglar, there are steps you can take to make your home a less- attractive target.  Authorities found

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water pipes

Simple Ways to Conserve Water at Home

Americans waste gallons of water every day because of irresponsible activities. The average American family of four uses about four gallons of water each day. It’s something that we have taken for granted. Our access to clean and potable water is something that not all countries enjoy. Still, in recent years, there has been a

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Packing Essentials to Ensure a Road Trip of a Lifetime

Traveling has so many benefits. It takes you outside of your comfort zone and empowers you toward self-development. Road trips, for instance, let you work on your creativity and sense of adventure. This choice of travel allows you to see places up close. These are hidden places that have not yet been sensationalized by social

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Aerial view of Gantheaume Point and Cable Beach near Broome

Tasmania’s Tantalizing Stories of Survival

Tasmania is an island off the south of Australia and is known for its unique flora and fauna, which can be as fascinating as its continental counterparts. Tasmania has seen many fascinating stories of survival, but the most well-known and the most neglected is a marsupial that owes its fame to a cartoon and an

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House exterior, against a blue sky. Roof close-up. Low angle view.

4 Simple Tasks That Can Save You from Costly Home Repairs

As any expert would advise, homeowners should always take care of their property if they want to avoid costly repairs. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, house maintenance is inevitable. Some homeowners are so busy with their daily routine and work that they do not have the time to focus on other things. However, you must never

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Worker installing insulation

Insulation Abuse: How Not to Go Overboard with Insulation

Are you worried about your high electricity bills, but couldn’t help running the heater longer because some of your rooms are too cold for comfort? Are you thinking of adding another layer of insulation to solve this problem? Be careful; you might end up over-insulating your home. Even if you’re using your trusted A+ insulations,

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man checking the heating system

Water Heater Hero: The Anode Rod

It’s ironic, but it is true that we tend to just forget the important things in our lives. This golden nugget of reminder applies to most things – our home appliances included. Water heaters, for example, are so integral to our daily lives that they rarely never warrant a doubletake anymore. More often than not,

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A pipe leaking with Freeze damage

Thawing Frozen Sewer Lines like A Pro

Any property owner knows that a temperature drop will ordinarily lead to a frozen sewer line. When water flowing in your sewer line freezes, it will expand. This water will then block your entire sewer line and at times lead to cracks and leaks as it looks for a point of release with increasing pressure.

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