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blue ship-themed bedroom for kids

Cost-Effective Decorating Tips for Your Kid’s Bedroom

There are so many room inspirations all over the internet. From nurseries to kids’ bedrooms, the perfectly curated color palette and furniture combination make you want to redecorate your own kids’ bedroom. Since kids are usually inspired by what they see in the movies and TV shows, the vision they have for their room always

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home space

Small but Big: How to Create More Space in Your Home

There are instances when homeowners feel restricted inside their very own house, regardless of the size. This is probably because you have a lot of furniture or belongings, making it challenging to avoid bumping into them with every step. Good thing, you can create space by making a few tweaks. Having enough space in your

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Is Your Home’s HVAC Ready for Winter?

With winter just around the corner, make sure that your home is ready for the cold. Your heating system will be working extra hard, so you need to support, pamper and customize your HVAC system to get the most out of it. Ideally, you should’ve done the work at least a month before winter to

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residential street

How to Have a Quiet Retreat from the Big City

Living in a big city has several perks. Most longtime urban dwellers take for granted their access to a wide range of amenities, from massive shopping malls and 24/7 convenience stores at every corner to efficient public transportation and Internet access. City living also imparts a bit of status; there is a sense that if

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Bathroom Maintenance: A Step-by-step Checklist

Taking a nice, hot shower after a long day's work can be rewarding for a lot of people. After the 15-minute break from the world, reality snaps back. In your moment of clarity, you see everything that's bad in your bathroom. From the rot on your wall to that bit of mildew on your shower door,

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man placing fragile tape on the box

Preparing Antique Pieces for a Move

If you have lived long enough, you can tell that moving is an inevitable process — that it is a part of life. Individuals move within towns, across towns, and even overseas. Some of the reasons that prompt moving include a change of job, a change of school, natural calamities, and government requirements, among others.

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selling a house

What to Do Before Selling Your Home

One of the greatest accomplishments you can have is purchasing a house. Many believe that the gruelling process of acquiring your own property is worth it the moment you step into it, knowing that it’s yours. Still, this house is but a simple house. It only becomes a home when you add your personal touches.

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Building a Timeless Home in the Midst of Trends

Timeless. Elegant. These two words are the most common adjectives that come out of the mouths of homeowners when they start building their homes. Well, those and comfort. Knowing that your home will remain beautiful twenty years from now, despite the ever-changing definition of beauty, is one of the main factors that contribute to the

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sightseeing over London

Why You Should Move Near a Blue Plaque Area

What do Sir Winston Churchill, Jimi Hendrix, Oscar Wilde, and Virginia Woolf have in common? Apart from being renowned for their historic contributions to British society, they’re part of a small club of people that have prestigious blue plaques to mark the homes where they lived. What does a Blue Plaque mean? These blue-plaque homes

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