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The Landlord Diaries: How to Start a Property Rental Business

The real estate industry is always an attractive choice to begin a business in. There is never a drought of people looking to buy or rent potential homes for themselves, which makes business for landlords and realtors alike. There is no right or wrong time to enter the industry, so you might as well begin

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The Best Practices in Running a Real Estate Business

Being a real estate agent is a popular career path. Agents get to enjoy flexible hours, a significant increase in their income, and the chance to work with many different people. But there are also many reasons why real estate agents struggle in their jobs. For one, their income is mostly based on commission. Yes,

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Moving to a New City: Things You Need to Know

There will come a time in your life when you yearn for a permanent change of scenery. Maybe you are looking for a better-paying job, a tighter community, or a slower pace of life. Regardless of your reasons, a fresh start could offer you new experiences and opportunities, but it’s not without its challenges. Knowing

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Eco-Friendly Homes

The Generation Green: Millennials are Buying Eco-Friendly Homes

Research showed that millennials now comprised 1/3 of potential homebuyers. So, when you are selling your home, think of it this way: A third of your potential homebuyers come from a generation that saw the transition from analog to digital. This is a generation that has been heavily criticized by previous generations. They’re revolutionary. They

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Choosing Where to Live for Young Professionals

Owning your first home is a huge milestone for many young professionals. On average, the average age people in Australia buy their first home is at the age of 35 or 36 – that’s up from the mid-90s average of 33. So, if you’re in your twenties or early thirties and are capable of putting a

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How to Buy a House with Inadequate Genuine Savings

When buying a house in a suburb or a piece of land for sale, the first thing a lender would ask you is if you how much money you have in the bank? No financial institution would issue you a check for 100% of the cash you need. You’re expected to shoulder a portion of

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Work-From-Home Health And Safety Tips To Make You As Productive As Can Be

Remote work is a concept that has become widely accepted today since the global pandemic happened. Both managers-employers and employees are doing what they can to navigate COVID-19 by engaging in flexible working arrangements for their companies to meet needs and make money. Almost all industries were affected and had to make the immediate transition

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